Get the Water Draining Again With These DIY Blocked Drain Repair Tips

18 March 2021
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Blocked drains are a plumbing issue that every homeowner hates to face. While taking preventative measures is the best way to deal with this problem, knowing how to unclog drains is just as important. After all, your residential drains can become clogged due to factors beyond your control. There are several methods of unblocking drains. One of them is to reach for chemical drain cleaners. While these drain-clearing chemicals can dislodge minor clogs, they may not work for major clogs. Read More …

Understanding Hot Water Repair

18 January 2021
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Hot water repair is needed if a component of your hot water system or the entire system is damaged. Repair means replacing the damaged component, replacing the entire system or replacing burnt wiring. You, however, need to identify the type of system you have so that you can contact the right hot water repair contractor. A hot water system is a unit that makes it possible for you to access hot water for your bathroom, kitchen or laundry room needs. Read More …

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A Guide To Home Plumbing Maintenance

The plumbing of a home is one of those things which is taken for granted until it no longer operates the way it is supposed to. Overflowing toilets, leaking taps and rattling plumbing pipes are all signs your plumbing is not operating the way it should. One way to lessen the chances of needing to call in a plumber is to keep up-to-date with plumbing maintenance tasks around the home. Examples of these tasks include cleaning hair from shower drain traps and being mindful of foods put into the waste disposal. You can find all types of plumbing tips right here to help you maintain your home plumbing in running order. You will also find advice on when it is time to call on professional help to stop small plumbing issues from becoming big ones.