Understanding Hot Water Repair

Understanding Hot Water Repair

18 January 2021
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Hot water repair is needed if a component of your hot water system or the entire system is damaged. Repair means replacing the damaged component, replacing the entire system or replacing burnt wiring.

You, however, need to identify the type of system you have so that you can contact the right hot water repair contractor.

A hot water system is a unit that makes it possible for you to access hot water for your bathroom, kitchen or laundry room needs. Here are the most common hot water systems and repairs that might be needed:

Hot Water Tank System Repair

Hot water tanks store cold water; they are connected to your main water supply through a water inlet that feeds the tank with water. The tank also has an outlet that supplies your faucets with hot water.

These tanks can either be gas, solar or electrically-powered; your choice should be based on what is available in your locality and what you can afford. They are the most complex hot water systems. If you are not experiencing any hot water, do not try to troubleshoot it as you can risk further damage and injury from electrocution.

Hire a hot water tank repair professional; ensure that they have experience with the particular power source you utilise. For example, if you have a gas-powered hot water system, hire a gas-powered hot water system repair technician.

Another problem you might encounter is brown water. This could mean that your tank is rusting or corroding. Again, let the professional handle any troubleshooting and repair work when it comes to hot water tanks.

Continuous Flow Hot Water System Repair

These systems also have a tank to store water. The difference between them and the hot water tank systems is that water is not heated in the tank. A heating system is installed separate from the tank, where water from the tank passes through it, gets heated and the reaches your faucets. This system can also be powered through gas or electricity.

The most common problem experienced is damage to the heating system, which can also be complex, meaning you need to have professional skills and experience. Contact a professional who works with continuous flow hot water systems to avoid electrocution and further damage.

Instant Water Showerhead Repair

These are installed in your bathroom, where they are attached to your shower and connected to an electric current. The showerhead heats water as it passes through it, but you have to turn on a switch that connects the electric current to the showerhead.

Showerheads are simple devices, and any handy homeowner with electrical skills can replace a showerhead. Repairs may, however, require a trained professional. Therefore, if you know that you have no experience handling electrical appliances or doubt yourself, let a professional inspect, repair or replace it.

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