How Plumbers Can Help Increase The Water Pressure In Your Home

How Plumbers Can Help Increase The Water Pressure In Your Home

13 October 2020
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There is almost nothing more frustrating than having a very low water pressure in your home, and many people will try every do it yourself trick under the sun before giving in to their low water pressure. However, a plumber can be a great asset in this situation and can help eliminate all other potential causes until you find the underlying cause. If you enjoy a nice hot shower splashing rather than dripping onto your back, then here are a few reasons why you should call a plumber to help fix your water pressure.

Replace Pressure Regulator

While there are several tips and tricks you can try on your own to fix low water pressure, a plumber has much better access to equipment and high-end tools that make them better equipped to tackle this problem. If you have tried everything to no avail, then the problem likely originates in the actual plumbing itself, which is not something you should try tamper with. The first place most plumbers will look is the pressure regulator, which every home has. If yours is malfunctioning, this can be a simple replacement job, but one that you need a professional for as on your own this could be quite dangerous.

Replace Pipes

If the problem of your low water pressure is only located to one area of your house, then there is a good chance the issue is not with your water pressure but with the pipes carrying your water. Depending on how old your home is, the pipes themselves could have very easily rusted to a point where water struggles to get through them, especially if they are steel pipes. Your plumber can test for this issue and then replace these pipes with a modern variant that do not suffer the same fate due to a better manufacturing process. 

Check Your Connection

When all else fails, the last thing to check is how solid the connection to the main water line is. If your area is known for having poor water pressure, then there is not much a plumber will be able to do. There are several appliances such as specialised faucets that can mimic strong water pressure, so always remember to enquire about them as a last resort. In some cases, your plumber may be able to get better pressure by talking to the council or changing your water meter, so hope is not totally lost.

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