Why Underground Sewer Issues Could Be Natural or Man-Made

Why Underground Sewer Issues Could Be Natural or Man-Made

12 May 2020
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If you've just taken over responsibility for a large commercial facility, then you may have inherited a problem with the underground sewer. Due to the scale of the facility, you may find that there is quite an extensive network on your property, and this may be your responsibility before it gets to the public threshold. What kind of problems do you have, and how can you rectify them as soon as possible?

Different Problems

Typically, problems with an underground sewer installation fall into two categories: natural or man-made.

Mother Nature at Work

In the first category, foraging tree roots may have broken the underground piping. Over time, these roots can propagate a long way from the actual tree itself in search of moisture, and certain species can be particularly aggressive. They will sense that there is moisture on the inside of the pipe and will apply constant pressure until they penetrate. Of course, all of this will take place over a long period of time, but eventually, the tree root will completely envelop the pipe and cause a significant blockage.

In this case, you may have to use a professional tool such as a hydro-jet to cut away all of the roots and restore flow. You may also need to excavate the area once the technicians have pinpointed the troublespots, to repair the pipes themselves.

Alternatively, the ground around your facility may have settled due to excess water content or a lack of it. When this happens, those pipes may crack or even collapse, leading to a backup.


If you operate a large restaurant, then your problem may be man-made. When was the last time that you checked the integrity of the grease trap equipment, and are your staff as attentive as they should be during cleanup? All too often, a significant amount of grease and other food residues can get into the sewer pipe and will, eventually, coagulate. Typically, this will happen where a pipe narrows or changes direction, and you will need to introduce a hydro-jet or similar piece of equipment to clear the blockage.

Getting to the Root of the Problem

Commercial plumbers can rectify this for you very efficiently. They often have the equipment on hand and, crucially, some sophisticated technology that will help them to locate the trouble spot in short order. If you need help with commercial plumbing, get in touch with your nearest contractor to start the ball rolling.

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