Could Overly-Fertile Grass Be the Sign of a Subterranean Issue?

Could Overly-Fertile Grass Be the Sign of a Subterranean Issue?

2 August 2022
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Have you noticed that the green, green grass of home is even greener than it should be? Specifically, one patch seems to be very lush and verdant, and you may wonder what could possibly cause that issue. At the same time, you may have been experiencing some problems with your drains inside the property. If the bathtub is very slow to empty, this could actually be linked to your vibrant lawn. What could be going on?

Dealing with Underground Problems

All things considered, it looks as if you have a damaged drainpipe underneath your back garden. It may well be cracked or have split apart at a connection point, allowing dirt and debris to get inside and water to flow out. The area above the broken pipe is being well irrigated, which is why the grass is so green. At the same time, the damage is causing the water to back up into your property and making it hard for you to empty the tub.

Turning to Technology

In this situation, you need to call in a plumber equipped with the tools and expertise. They will bring an infrared camera on the end of a flexible cable and will feed this down into the drain from your bathroom. This camera also has a tiny light that will illuminate the underground pipe as everything moves along. When the cable gets to the problem area, the plumber will be able to see exactly what is wrong and make plans to fix it.

Assessing and Fixing the Problem

Occasionally, damage like this can be caused by foraging tree roots. They're always on the lookout for moisture and can sometimes break through an underground pipe at a junction or vulnerable spot. Sometimes, the plumber will be able to fix the damage without any excavation, but if there is a sizeable leak, then at least they will know exactly where to dig to access the work. After all, the equipment will send the exact location of the damage back to the plumber on the surface, and they will then be able to pace out the distance above.

Modern-Day Solutions

Damage like this can happen from time to time and may have been very difficult to pinpoint in the old days. However, technology has come to your rescue and should make the repair job relatively straightforward once you have brought in the plumber to assess the situation.

If you're having problems with blocked drains, reach out to a plumber near you for more information.

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