When Should You Replace Your Hot Water System?

When Should You Replace Your Hot Water System?

19 April 2021
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Time for a hot water system changeover? Just like the other appliances you use at home, your water heater isn't built to last forever; it'll need to be replaced at some point. It's a matter of when.

Here are a few helpful pointers to help you know when your water heater is due for a changeover.

When you have outgrown your current water heater

Your hot water usage increases as your family grows. A water heater that you installed 10 years ago as a newly married couple may no longer be capable of keeping up with the hot water demand of your family if you now have a couple of kids.

If you keep running out of hot water, especially during the peak hours of the day, it might be time to get a new, bigger water heater.

When your utility bills are too high

If you want to keep a sustainable home, you'll want to keep your water and energy usage and bills as low as possible. 

One of the best ways to achieve this is to upgrade your hot water system installation. If your current water heater wastes hot water due to leaks or contamination, replacing it may help to keep your water bills down. You can also save money on your water heater operating costs by ditching your current hot water unit for a more efficient model.

These days, almost all types of water heaters come with an energy label that lets you know how efficiently each piece of equipment heats the water. The most efficient water heater models tend to cost more upfront, but they pay for themselves due to the long-term energy and cost savings that they provide. 

When your water heater breaks down too often

If your hot water system keeps failing even after you have conducted the necessary repairs, this may be a sign that the system is on its last legs and needs a changeover. Water heaters comprise several parts that wear and tear over time.

While some parts can be replaced, others indicate that the equipment has reached the end of its lifespan. For example, a hot water tank that is corroded beyond repair will require a complete water heater replacement.

Hot water system replacement is a decision you shouldn't take lightly. Choosing the wrong water heater could mean not getting enough hot water for all your household needs and/or incurring high utility bills. If you need more information about hot water systems, contact a local plumber.

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