Benefits of an Inverter Heat Pump for Your Home Swimming Pool

Benefits of an Inverter Heat Pump for Your Home Swimming Pool

26 October 2020
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If you have a home swimming pool, you may be debating with yourself whether to install an inverter heat pump. Not only will you likely use the pool more if you do, but swimming will be ultra-comfortable. Consider the following benefits, outlined in detail below. 

Gentler on the Body

Swimming laps is an ideal low impact exercise that is gentle on the knee and hip joints. Conversely, during activities such as running, your body weight is bearing down on these joints. If you're a bit overweight, taking the burden off your body is even more critical. When undertaking an exercise regime, removing obstacles will help. This includes keeping your pool water comfortably warm, so you don't get a shock every time you jump in. 

Improves the Family's Health

Children may not find a cold pool inviting also, and warmer water will encourage them outdoors to play and swim. This is better for their health than sitting at a screen all day. Thus, a warm pool can improve the wellness of all family members, including kids.

Makes the Most of Your Investment

If you've gone to the expense of constructing a pool and are taking care of routine maintenance tasks, then it's wise to use the investment well. It's a waste for a pool to sit idle for many months of the year. A heater will extend the swimming season to include colder months such as spring and autumn, and even winter in some warmer northern regions of Australia.

Allows You to Become More Sociable

One way to make the perfect use of a home pool is to throw parties. One problem is that, depending on your local climate, night temperatures can get chilly. If you heat the pool water, swimming can be comfortable even on moderate evenings. Thus, you could take the opportunity to become ultra-sociable and entertain frequently. Even if people don't jump in, the pool creates a lovely ambience and centrepiece for your gathering. 

Enjoy Being Outdoors

Besides getting fitter, another advantage of swimming is that you're spending time outdoors. Getting daylight exposure is vital if you spend many working hours in a home or high-rise office, as it can help to elevate your mood. Thus, a warmer pool can indirectly be good for your mental as well as physical wellbeing. 

Provides an Efficient Heating Source

Inverter Swimming Pool Heat Pumps are an efficient source of electrical heating as they relocate warmth from the air to the pool water. Even in moderate weather, the air holds a degree of warmness. As the pump draws air over a coolant-filled coil, the heat transfers to the coils. These coils extend under the water also, and the surrounding water takes on their heat.

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