4 Reasons Why Your Plumber Might Need a Leak Detection Report

4 Reasons Why Your Plumber Might Need a Leak Detection Report

30 September 2020
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When it comes to plumbing problems, such as blockages, you have two options at your disposal. Sometimes, when a plumbing problem is clear, a plumber can come out and fix the problem. But at times, you can't always identify your plumbing issue easily. And a plumber will have issues trying to diagnose a hidden plumbing issue. This is when you need a leak detection expert.

When a plumbing issue is difficult to diagnose, your plumber will need the help of a water line leak detection technician to find and diagnose the problem. You might need a leak detection specialist in the following scenarios.

1. Your Pipes Are Banging and Clanging

If your pipes are banging around inside your walls, you could have quite a serious problem on your hands. Banging pipes is sometimes caused by pressure. This is an easy fix for a plumber. But if the problem is worse than that, such as failing pipes, then your plumber might need the assistance of a leak detection expert to locate the problem pipes.

2. No Obvious Reason for Your Leak

Sometimes, leaks present themselves as stains, smells and condensation. These minor signs can indicate a much bigger problem inside your home's walls or flooring. Rather than have a plumber damage your home trying to find the issue, you can hire a leak detection expert to work with your plumber to locate the source of the leak. This could save you a lot of money.

3. An Object Is Lodged in Your Plumbing

If one of your children dropped an object down the toilet and your plumbing is now backed up badly, you might need a leak detection expert to locate the object. Leak detection specialists can locate an object in a pipe and then produce a report that might contain pictures and suggestions to help the plumber remove the object.

4. You Suspect Tree Roots

Tree roots are tricky because they invade your water lines from outside a house. If a plumber works alone, they might have to do considerable damage to your yard and lawn in order to get to the water line. But with a leak detection specialist working with them, a plumber can first locate the tree roots and then come up with a strategy to remove those roots without any guesswork.

A leak detection expert can work with your plumber to locate and diagnose a complicated plumbing issue. If in doubt, ask your plumber to recommend a leak detection specialist. The chances are good that they'll know of a good one in your area.

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