Crucial Factors to Consider During a Heating System Repair Service

Crucial Factors to Consider During a Heating System Repair Service

17 July 2020
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In cold weather, especially during winter, a faulty heating system might result in unbearably low temperatures. Notably, a boiler is an integral component of a heating, ventilation and air conditioning system that ensures the right room temperatures are maintained within enclosed settings. Like other devices, boilers are prone to breakdowns due to various malfunctions. However, many homeowners are lost on what might be triggering specific problems in their heating systems. Here are a few tips to help owners with heating repair.

Condensate Boilers

Condensing boilers are one of the most efficient heating systems. However, the equipment might experience technical issues and fail to distribute heat within a building optimally. Notably, temperatures tend to drop below freezing point in extreme weather. Since the condensate pipe of a heating system runs water, the liquid is likely to freeze, especially if the tube is outside and uncovered. When this happens, a boiler cannot heat and distribute hot water throughout a house. If you are facing such challenges with your heating system, ask a plumber to check and fix the condensate pipe before its bursts due to frozen water.

Crossed Connections

A water boiler is an elaborate system consisting of interconnected pipes that deliver hot or cold water. When crossed connections occur, cold mains are directed towards the hot outlet or vice versa, which prevents a boiler from functioning normally. Primarily, cold water enters a furnace and comes out hot, and the process is repeated to ensure optimal temperatures are achieved. Therefore you might end up receiving cold water when you want a hot shower due to crossed connections. Because of advancements in technology, some boilers are equipped with troubleshooting capabilities that can quickly detect why the system is not firing the cold or hot mains. Fortunately, a crossed connection can easily be sorted out by a qualified plumber.

Water Pressure

All boilers rely on pressure to distribute hot water throughout a building. Unknown to many people, reduced water pressure affects the durability and functionality of a boiler. If you notice that hot water is not circulating within your premise, then the expansion pipe or air leak valve is the most likely culprit. In normal circumstances, a boiler needs one or two bars of pressure to function optimally. If the load is below the recommended value, it is advisable to call a plumber to fix your heating system and restore the optimal circulation of hot water.

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