3 Commonly Ignored Causes of Blocked Toilet Drains

3 Commonly Ignored Causes of Blocked Toilet Drains

27 April 2020
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Blocked drains are nothing unusual. In fact, every homeowner must deal with a blocked toilet drain at some point. Most of these blockages are caused by conventional materials such as textiles and bathing soaps. Therefore, homeowners tend to be careful not to drop these materials in their toilet drains. Unfortunately, some materials look harmless, but they can cause extensive blockage to toilet drains. Homeowners should pay particular attention to such materials whenever they are using toilets. This article highlights such materials and how they affect toilet drains.

Wet Wipes 

Wet wipes are lighter than ordinary toilet paper; therefore, it is easy to understand why one would dispose of wet wipes in a toilet. However, most people do not realize is that wet wipes, unlike toilet paper, are not water-soluble. Therefore, flushing wet wipes down a toilet does not guarantee the material will flow to the main drainage pipe and away from your home. The chances are high that the wet wipes might be stuck along the drainage. When this happens, it is only a matter of time before you start experiencing backing up in your toilet. Therefore, ensure that you avoid flushing wet wipes and other personal care items in a toilet regardless of how delicate or light they appear.

Food Waste 

When you think about it, waste is much more likely to drain easily in a toilet than a kitchen sink because of the pressure created by the flush system. That is why it is not surprising to find some people flushing chunks of food waste in a toilet rather than a sink. While most of the food waste will wash away easily and help to keep your kitchen drain in good shape, the chances are high that the food waste will attract the breeding of rats in your sewer line. Consequently, it will affect drainage in the toilet piping system. Moreover, food remnants containing fats and oils might clump on the inside walls of drainage piping and cause a blockage. For this reason, keep food waste away from a toilet's drainage system.

Three-Ply Toilet Paper

Most people innocently buy and use three-ply toilet paper mostly because it is considered a more hygienic option compared to the two-ply tissue paper. However, did you know that the thickness of toilet paper could affect its solubility? Three-ply tissue paper does not disintegrate easily when flushed away, and it tends to accumulate in the drain with continued usage. Eventually, you might end up with a clogged toilet drain. The same happens with poor quality toilet paper. Therefore, invest in quality two-ply tissue paper to prevent your toilet drains from clogging unnecessarily.

For more information, reach out to a blocked drain plumber near you. 

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