Plumbing Advice Every New Home Owner Should Consider

Plumbing Advice Every New Home Owner Should Consider

26 March 2020
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Moving into a new home can be exciting, but it comes with its own set of responsibilities. You are required to ensure that every major system operates effectively to avoid unnecessary repair costs. One of the primary systems you have to manage appropriately is the plumbing system. When you treat it right, you will avoid calling the plumber often and prevent issues like water damage and the growth of mould and mildew.

However, most people today do not know that most plumbing problems that create the need to contact an emergency plumber are as a result of user errors or plumbing system misuse. For this reason, it's recommended that you practice good plumbing habits, and the only way to accomplish this is by knowing more about the plumbing system. This post offers key details you should know.

Don't allow everything to go down the kitchen sink

Of all the drains you have in your home, the kitchen sink is more likely to get blocked. Even your plumber can tell you that this is the primary issue they handle in most residential properties. This drain is exposed to various forms of household substances, but the main culprits are grease, oil and fat. Most people wash their greasy dishes and pans in the sink and rarely consider the fact that the grease will stick on the pipes and turn into a hard solid. If you keep up the habit, more oil gets trapped and eventually blocks the drain. A severe obstruction can lead to leaking or burst the pipe.

Therefore, it's advisable to pay attention to everything that goes down the kitchen drain. Make sure you remove all the dirt on the kitchenware before washing. Remember that this is a sink, not a garbage bin. Also, consider getting the right dishwashing soap if you use hard water.

Use water reasonably

Water is an essential resource that must be used reasonably even if its supply is sufficient. However, most people today rarely think about this until they realise that the bill is too high or one of their pipes bursts. The good news is that you can avoid issues and reduce your utility bill. Consider being reasonable about the water pressure whenever you are using the tap or shower – don't turn the pressure up. High water pressure will exert more burdens on the plumbing system, causing joint leaks and other similar problems.

Additionally, you should resist the desire to use water that's too hot. Other than burning yourself, you will overwork your heater, increasing your utility bill.

To learn more about your home's plumbing system, contact a plumber in your area.

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